Project Partners

The Connecticut Department of Public Health will assist with public outreach and recruitment to engage participants in focus groups. The agencies’ pre-established means to reach the general population will be also utilized to distribute information and findings from this project. The project team is exploring with the Connecticut Department of Public Health the possibility of coordinating seminar events with Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection’s state-sponsored practice drills. Participants in these seminars will develop skills to make informed decisions on the need for personal protective equipment based on current information on health effects and exposure to mold and moisture.

ConnectiCOSH‘s experience as a health and safety training provider throughout Connecticut will also help with outreach to employer populations to recruit for focus groups. ConnectiCOSH has relationships with similar organizations in the Northeast states and with National COSH which will bring additional contacts to the project.

  • Mike Fitts
    Title: Executive Director
    Organization: ConnectiCOSH
    Relevant Expertise: Mike Fitts is involved in work for the green cleaning training program. He brings direct knowledge and on-going relationships with union and non-union workers on health and safety matters.
    Phone: 860-953-2674
  • Jeff Janusonis
    Title: Labor Educator
    Organization: ConnectiCOSH
    Phone: 860-953-2674
  • Pamela Puchalski
    Title: Project Coordinator
    Organization: ConnectiCOSH
    Phone: 860-209-5464, 860-953-2674

Turner Building Science, LLC

William A. Turner and senior members of his staff regularly teach in building operation and maintenance programs affording them a network to many recovery workers. These relationships and others among the project personnel will serve as a direct means to developing appropriate channels to disseminate the program beyond CT.

  • Bill Turner
    Title: President/CEO
    Organization: Turner Building Science, LLC
    Relevant Expertise: Mr. Turner has developed guidance on mold and moisture mitigation for the EPA. He and his staff regularly utilize available technical material in their building science practice in preparing for workshops and numerous seminars that he has presented for building contractors, weatherization technicians, local and national public health officials and the public.
    Phone: 800-439-3446 x 311

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will assist in outreach and focus group recruitment through its pre-established means to reach the general population.

  • Christopher D’Andrea
    Title: Industrial Hygienist and Acting Director, Environmental and Occupational Disease Epidemiology
    Organization: New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
    Relevant Expertise: Chris D’Andrea is a recognized technical expert on mold and moisture mitigation. He will help disseminate information from this project in New York.
    Phone: 646-632-6135

The project team and other partners bring additional partners at the University of Connecticut (UConn). This includes CT Sea Grant and contacts at the UConn Avery Point campus.