Geneious Prime

Download Geneious Prime

Note: You must be connected to the CAM network to be able to access the download link.

1. Click on the following link to bring you to the Geneious Prime download page:
2. First, select the link for the Installer files for Geneious Prime “Geneious Prime Clients Installers Download Page”.
3. Select the appropriate client installation for your Operating System then click “Return to Home Page”.

4. Now click on the “Download the Geneious Server bundled plugin file” link, to download the correct plugins.

Install Geneious Prime with Plugins

For Windows

1. Double-click to open the Geneious Prime executable file (.exe).
2. A installation wizard window will appear, in the Setup window, click “Next >” to continue.
3. On the License Agreement window, select the radio button next to I accept the agreement, then click “Next >” to continue.

4. Leave the defaults for the Select Destination Directory window, and click “Next >” to continue.
5. Leave all defaults for the Select Start Menu Folder window, and click “Next >” to continue.
6. Leave all defaults for the Select File Associations window, and click “Next >” to continue.
7. Once installation is complete, click “Finish”.
8. Open the newly installed Geneious Prime program.
9. You will get a popup window titled Welcome to Geneious Prime.
10. Keep the default data storage location (unless a different location is desired) and click the “Activate a License”, button.

11. Click on the radio button next to “Use floating license server”.

12. Enter next to Server, and leave the port as default.
13. Click “OK”.
14. You will get a notification that the license has been obtained from the FLEXnet server.
15. Locate and double-click on the GeneiousServerbundle.gplugin file.
16. You may get a warning about installing plugins from a trusted source, click the “Install Plugin” button.
17. A Plugin Notes window will appear, click “OK”.
18. Once successfully installed, exit out of the Geneious program.


Log In to Geneious Server

1. Re-open the newly installed Geneious Prime application.
2. You will see that you are not currently logged in to the Geneious Server. Click the “Log In” button.

3. Enter the following information, ensuring to replace <username> with your CAM username. Then click “OK”.

4. You can now use Geneious Prime!


Are you getting an authentication error? You may not have access to Geneious, go to our Contact page and submit a software request: Contact Us