Online Art Gallery

"Family" by Wolfgang Behl"Octal B" by Victor Vasarely"Birds in Flight" by Alan Tompkins"Melbourne Farm" by Linda Tenukas"In the Woods" by Frank Taira"Art Glass Dividers" by Denise Leone Stillwagon"River of Ponds" by Frank Stella"Surprise Mobile" by Hans Stargardter"Breeder" by Bonnie Johnson Potz"Poltiga Trizone" by Ahmad Osni Peii"Untitled" by Robert Noreika"The 16th at Cypress Point" by Donald Moss"Windows to the Soul" by Donna Morency"Line Drawing" by Sol LeWitt"Landscape" by Barbara Levin"Jewel" by Edith Skiba LaMonica."Beautiful Day" by Sharon Kocay"The DaVinci Touch" by James Grabowski"Lillies" by E. B. Gerald"Mixed Media" by Tory Cowles"Jack in the Box" by Sandra Chase"Pulls" by Ellen Carey"Flower Pod" by Isadore Berson."Research" by Wolfgang Behl"Orchestral" by Anni Albers. From the permanent art collection at UConn Health."Reaches of Eastham" by Paul Zimmerman"Sentinel" by John Wheat"Lewis Street, Hartford" by Richard Welling"Forces of Life" by Linda Webber"Still Life with Shallots and Walnuts" by Joan Wallace