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Dr. Shontreal Cooper portrait white coat

Pandemic Challenges to Women’s Health

For some women, maintaining their own health can have its challenges, whether everyday things like putting family and career ahead of their own needs, or potential barriers to care related to socio-economic status. What kind of a multiplier effect has the pandemic had on those factors? Dr. Shontreal Cooper, a maternal-fetal medicine physician in UConn…

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Portrait collage Dr. Bruce Liang and Dr. Steven Lepowsky

Supplying CT’s Health Care Workforce

The No. 1 source of physicians and dentists who practice in Connecticut is UConn Health, whose schools have been graduating physicians, dentists, biomedical researchers, and masters of public health for five decades. This month we hear from Dr. Bruce T. Liang, dean of the UConn School of Medicine (and UConn Health’s interim CEO and executive…

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Dr. Daniel Rosenberg environmental portrait

Colon Cancer, Nuts, and Early Onset

Dr. Daniel Rosenberg, professor of medicine, Health Net Inc. Chair in Cancer Biology, and investigator in UConn Health’s Center for Molecular Oncology, is on the trail of the connection between our digestive system’s microbiome and colon cancer. His research has shown how walnut consumption can impact gut bacteria in a way that seems to fight…

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Dr. Lauren Geaney portrait

Best Ways to Treat the Feet

Our feet and ankles are among the most commonly injured parts of our body. There’s a wide range of problems, and thankfully, with the right experts, a wide range of treatment options. Dr. Lauren Geaney, UConn Health foot and ankle surgeon and director of UConn’s orthopedic surgery residency program, describes some of the advances in…

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Brooke Medel and Jennifer Sposito portraits

Stroke and the Need to BE FAST

When it comes to treating stroke, initiating care ASAP, especially at a certified stroke center, can greatly improve the trajectory for survival and recovery. Regulatory bodies and other third parties have taken note of the stoke care at UConn Health, which has maintained the distinction of “primary stroke center” from The Joint Commission since first…

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Dr. John Greenfield and Dr. Ian McNeill portraits

Elite Expertise in Brain and Spine Disorders

The UConn Health Brain and Spine Institute, an elite collaboration of experts in areas including neurology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, and comprehensive spine, continues to grow. Two of its members, Dr. John Greenfield, neurology chair, and Dr. Ian McNeill, neurosurgeon who specializes in spine abnormalities and disorders, describe how this high level of coordinated care ensures patients…

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Drs. Kuchel and Fortinsky headshots

Enhancing Independence in Older Adults

An elite national research collaborative to shape the future of geriatrics to help older adults maintain their independence now includes UConn Health. The UConn Center on Aging recently won a $7 million grant to become one of 15 “Pepper Centers” of excellence to advance the newer field of precision gerontology. Drs. George Kuchel and Richard…

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Tia Kozar and Dr. Steffens at microphones in podcast studio

COVID and Older Adults‘ Resiliency

Perhaps the pandemic hasn’t been as hard — from a mental health perspective — on older adults has we first feared it might? In fact, we have reason to believe older adults have coped as well as any other age group, or perhaps more so. Dr. David Steffens, UConn Health chair of psychiatry and geriatric…

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Dr. Erica Waddington portrait (white coat)

Back to School ’21 With COVID-19

Kids and parents alike are sure to have questions as they prepare for a new school year that figures to have the characteristics of pandemic learning at least to start. Dr. Erica Waddington at UConn Health’s family medicine practice in Canton offers her perspective on back-to-school time as a physician who sees both parents and…

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Laurie Devaney and Matt Hall seated in front of UConn Institute for Sports Medicine sign

Play Without Pain, Perform at Peak

This month we’re on location at the Horsebarn Hill Sciences Complex in Storrs, talking with the co-directors of the UConn Institute for Sports Medicine. Laurie Devaney, UConn physical therapist and athletic trainer, and Dr. Matt Hall, UConn Health sports medicine physician, explain what they and their colleagues can do for athletes to prevent/reduce injury risk,…

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