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Meet the ‘Trauma Avengers’

A nationwide child and adolescent behavioral health project that originated at UConn Health takes a creative, modern approach to helping young people cope with mental health challenges. At the same time, it creates educational resources for therapists throughout the country. A component of this includes the “Trauma Avengers” sharing their “Digital Diaries.” Clinical psychologists Julian…

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Start School Sleep Schedule Soon!

When is the best time to start moving up bed time? Hint: it’s not the night before the first day of school! Dr. Jennifer Kanaan from UConn Health’s Sleep Disorders Center works with adults, adolescents, and children. She joins the podcast to explain what’s happening in our bodies when we sleep and why it’s so…

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Managing Movement Disorders Like Parkinson’s

Identifying Parkinson’s disease early and starting a treatment plan can go a long way in delaying the onset of disability or loss of function. Once that diagnosis is made, supportive care and planning become crucial parts of managing the disease. Dr. Bernardo Rodrigues, director of UConn Health’s Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center, explains. (May…

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Education as a Diabetes Management Tool

Two UConn Health endocrinologists, Drs. Pooja Luthra and Parvathy Madhavan, and the coordinator of UConn Health’s Diabetes Self-Management Education Program, nurse practitioner Luriza Glynn, discuss the importance of recognizing early signs of diabetes and, once diagnosed, managing it with the benefit of education. (Luriza Glynn, Dr. Parvathy Madhavan, Dr. Pooja Luthra, Chris DeFrancesco, April 2023)…

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Alternatives to Opioids in Pain Management

When it comes to pain management, particularly back and neck pain, narcotics are not the only option. We ask two UConn Health physiatrists — Dr. Joseph Walker and Dr. Durgadas Sakalkale — about the approaches they take in the UConn Musculoskeletal Institute. (March 2023, Dr. Joseph Walker, Dr. Durgadas Sakalkale, Chris DeFrancesco) Listen to the…

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Drs. Katherine Fleming and Michaela Matos

Dental Care for Kids

Dr. Katherine Fleming from the UConn School of Dental Medicine’s Division of Pediatric Dentistry and Dr. Michaela Matos, a UConn pediatric dental resident, join for Children’s Oral Health Month. They explain what is (and isn’t) a dental emergency, discuss the importance of establishing a dental home for your child, and offer tips for parents to…

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Addressing Alcohol Addiction

One of the founding fathers of the Alcohol Research Center at UConn Health — the longest-running NIH-funded center of its kind — is part of an international collaboration of addiction researchers out with updated findings on the social, cultural, and environmental factors that influence alcoholism and harmful drinking. UConn School of Medicine Professor Emeritus Thomas…

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Breaking Down Health Barriers With Urban Service

The Urban Service Track incorporates prevention and primary care in underserved communities into the training of future prepares health professionals. It’s a program of the Connecticut Area Health Education Center, housed at UConn Health. This summer, Urban Service Track students worked with the Hartford Department of Health and Human Services to go door-to-door in city…

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Post-traumatic stress disorder is often associated with military combat and experiencing a traumatic situation, such as the Sandy Hook school shooting. A few weeks ahead of the 10-year anniversary of that tragedy, we discuss PTSD with UConn Health clinical psychologists Julian Ford and Rocio Chang. They explain what PTSD is and isn’t, differentiate between PTSD…

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Serving the Underserved; Primary Care Outlook

The American health care system is facing a shortage of primary care physicians. Preparing the next generation of providers is one of the missions of UConn Health, where the training includes hands-on experience delivering care to historically underserved populations. Dr. Bruce Gould, UConn School of Medicine professor emeritus, founding associate dean for primary care, and…

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