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New Atlas Shows Extent of Light Pollution

Times Square and light pollution

The increasing illumination of night has converged with our growing understanding of circadian physiology, and how light at night can disrupt that physiology. The suspicion has emerged recently that some serious maladies could result from circadian disruption such as poor sleep, obesity, diabetes, certain cancers and mood disorders.

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Welcome to Possible

patient stories – video + text

Melissa's story

'Lifestyle Medicine Program Helps Patient Lose 160 Pounds'

Melissa Dzierlatka was tired of feeling invisible. Weighing more than 365 pounds, people would rarely look her in the eye when they passed her on the street. Along with her mental health, Melissa’s physical health was suffering. When she was diagnosed as borderline diabetic, she knew things had to change. That’s when she went to see physician assistant Bradley Biskup with Calhoun Cardiology’s Lifestyle Medicine Program. He helped Melissa lose weight, improve her health, and feel like herself again.

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