Dr. Cato T. Laurencin Meets with St. Lucia Prime Minister

This January UConn’s Dr. Cato T. Laurencin visited St. Lucia where he bestowed the first struck medal Cato T. Laurencin Regenerative Engineering Founder’s Award to St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre in honorary recognition of his support of regenerative engineering in the country.

The University of Connecticut Professor Cato T. Laurencin, CEO of the Connecticut Convergence Institute at UConn Health, met with the Prime Minister of St. Lucia during a January 18- 22 trip to the country.

Dr. Cato T. Laurencin, CEO of the Connecticut Convergence Institute met with officials again in St. Lucia to finalize the signing of the charter for the JUMP program. This partnership with Saint Lucia has launched ‘UConn JUMP Saint Lucia’ to educate Saint Lucian communities. This will provide more control over their food system, and opportunities for families and youth to establish new eating habits. This initiative will improve the quality of life for the Saint Lucian population.

Based on the community health promotion experiences and successes in the UConn JUMP program in the United States, Dr. Laurencin advised a plan to partner with various community organizations and Sir Arthur Community College.

Laurencin also had the honor of giving the Honorable Philip J. Pierre, Prime Minister of St. Lucia a Cato T. Laurencin Founders’ Award medal. The award recognizes individuals in the field that have demonstrated leadership in the science and practice of convergence research as applied to regenerative engineering and medicine. The Prime Minister received this as a gift for contributing his help to regenerative engineering.


Read the full article here: https://today.uconn.edu/2023/01/dr-cato-t-laurencin-meets-with-st-lucia-prime-minister-to-review-progress-of-uconn-st-lucia-cooperation-agreement/

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