Month: August 2022

Dr. Ezra Griffith, awarded at NMA meeting

Dr. Ezra Griffith of Yale University was honored with the Cato T. Laurencin M.D., Ph.D. Lifetime Research Award at the opening ceremonies of the 2022 National Medical Association (NMA)  national meeting.

This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated more than 20 years of consistent, long-lasting contributions to benefit African Americans and to reduce health disparities through recognized research and inquiry. The individual may be a physician, a career researcher or a distinguished educator who has enhanced the field of research and made it possible for young researchers to be successful.

Cato T. Laurencin has dedicated his life to excellence in research, teaching, surgery, mentoring, and community service. Dr. Laurencin has had a prolific career in science, but also in service to his community and certainly in service to the NMA.

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Dr. Cato Laurencin becomes an elected member of Academia Europaea

Dr. Cato Laurencin, University Professor, the University of Connecticut was recently elected for truly outstanding work. He was welcomed to the Division of Materials Science of the European Academy of Sciences. Professor Laurencin is a highly distinguished scholar, widely decorated and a member of numerous major Academies throughout the world. He is considered the founder of the field of Regenerative Engineering. He is also a practicing surgeon.
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