June Science Cafe: What’s Squid Got to Do With It?

The Connecticut Convergence Institute hosts free science cafes with the Kavli Foundation on different scientific topics. Our science cafe series aims to engage researchers, professionals, and the broader community in an informal and productive dialogue around an important clinical or public health topic.

Title: What’s Squid Got to Do With It: Understanding How Animals & Friendly Bacteria Communicate

Date: June 8, 2018

Time: 4:30 – 6:30 PM

Location: J Timothy’s Tavern, 143 New Britain Ave, Plainville, CT (Plenty of free parking)

About this Cafe: Bioluminescence has captured the imaginations of humans throughout our history, from Artistotle speaking of “exhalations of fire from the sea” to modern movies like “Avatar.” Many animals are capable of making their own bioluminescence, including deep sea squid, mushrooms, fireflies and more, but some need a little help from their bacterial friends. The Hawaiian bobtail squid is an adorable lime-sized ball of color and light that lives in coral reefs all throughout the Hawaiian islands. They use light created by bacteria to hide against moonlight as they hunt at night. They may seem like a bizarre animal to study, but they’re helping scientist Sarah McAnulty at UConn understand how animals and their friendly bacteria communicate! Maintaining good relationships with our bacterial friends is essential for keeping humans healthy (such as good gut health), and the squid is helping us figure out how we are able to do that.

Sarah is incredibly passionate about her research and her presentation is sure to be engaging and dynamic. Attendees will also learn about the Skype-a-Scientist Program that Sarah created, which connects classrooms with researchers.

Register: Please RSVP using this link. This event is free and open to everyone.

For questions contact noehren@uchc.edu.