Institute for Regenerative Engineering Receives a New NIH Award

Institute for Regenerative Engineering faculty members Dr. Lakshmi Nair (PI) and Dr. Kevin Lo (PI), as well as Dr. Joseph Walker (Co-I) from Orthopaedic Surgery and I (Co-I), have received funding from the NIH/NIAMS for a study aimed to develop a novel injectable analgesia delivery system. Current analgesia formulations have been limited by their relatively short duration of action requiring repeated administrations. In addition, local anesthetics are often associated with systemic toxicity and local tissue-site inflammatory responses. To address these issues, our project will develop a novel injectable analgesia delivery system lasting up to 7 days with minimal side effects.

This award highlights collaborative efforts between the IRE and Orthopaedic Surgery. We hope to continue combining the creativity and dedication of our scientists and clinicians.