Academic Plan

Provost Nicholls has asked each of the Schools of the University to develop an academic plan modeled on the structure and format of the University Academic Plan. This document is expected to set a vision for the School of Medicine that will inform subsequent more fine grained strategic planning efforts.

In late June, I charged a small committee composed of Dr. Adam Silverman, Dr. Marja Hurley, Dr. Bruce Koeppen, Dr. Marc Lalande, Charles Huntington, Carolyn Lyle and Dr. Gerry Maxwell to compose a draft framework of a plan for the School of Medicine that would subsequently go through the following review process:

1) Initial review and changes by elected governance of the School of Medicine (Councils and the Oversight Committee)

2) Review by the faculty of the School of Medicine with changes submitted to the respective SOM Councils

3) Final review by the School of Medicine Councils

The first step of the process has recently been completed. I encourage you to review the second draft of the School of Medicine Academic Plan that incorporates initial comments from Council members. I would also encourage you to review the UConn Academic Plan to appreciate the context and the very specific format required. Please take a look at the University Plan before you read the School of Medicine draft.

Please provide suggestions and comments on this draft to the respective Councils and send a copy to Dr. Maxwell at Comments and suggestions are appreciated and should be forwarded by September 9.

Your participation and input in this process is very important! This document focuses on our vision and is the starting point for our strategic planning processes as we move forward. Please be aware that this is an academic plan that covers education and research only. Clinical matters will be dealt with in a separate document.

Thank you.