CPES – Products

Epidemiological Profiles

Epidemiological profile fact sheets are data products of the SEOW. They provide vital information on priority behavioral health issues, using epidemiological data pertaining to prevalence, risk factors, consequences, impact, and populations at risk for existing and emerging issues.​  Epidemiological profile fact sheets are updated every other year, but new profiles are added regularly. 


The products developed by CPES and its prevention partners include presentations, fact sheets, maps, charts, and other graphic representations of data, as well as guidance and resource documents. Products are provided with the goal of making data accessible to all users, regardless of their data skills or knowledge.​  The products on this page are free for use, with the proper attribution of data sources, listed authors, and the SEOW Prevention Data Portal.

Data Stories

Data stories provide brief overviews of significant topics related to substance use and prevention across the state of Connecticut. These short but informative stores allow users to interact with the data in new and innovative ways.