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Diagnosis and Treatment for Foot Disorders

Diseases and disorders of the foot affect the quality of life and mobility of millions of Americans. Foot ailments can be the first sign of more serious medical problems such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve damage, and circulatory disorders.

UConn Health’s podiatrists have specialized training to diagnose and treat both common and rare foot disorders. Our podiatrists use the latest technology and proven therapies to help ensure that you will live a healthier and more comfortable life. We offer podiatry services for patients as young as six months.

Our Podiatry Services

We offer general podiatry, specialty foot services, foot ulcer and wound care, and diabetic and high-risk foot care for people of all ages. We use the latest computerized technology to analyze foot structure, measure pressure on the foot, and evaluate the way you walk. After assessing your condition, we work closely with you to prepare an individualized treatment plan to fit your needs.

Foot and Ankle

For foot and ankle trauma, our orthopedists are surgical specialists with experience in both acute traumatic injuries and post-traumatic issues such as sports injuries, sprains, tendon ruptures, new fractures, dislocations, and fractures that have not healed or have healed in an abnormal position. They also specialize in major foot reconstructions for a flat or club foot, total ankle reconstruction, and tendon and ankle repair. We also offer non-invasive arthroscopy surgery options.

Visit Foot and Ankle

Young athletic woman holding injured ankle