Sarah Orkin

UConn School of Medicine, Class of 2014

Background: Born in Hartford, and raised in West Hartford, CT. Wesleyan University graduate with a degree in molecular biology and biochemistry.

Related Experience: Intern at Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital Center, principally as patient advocate and also as a participant in an HIV/AIDS outreach program.

“At Bellevue, I worked with a patient population comprised of prisoners, the homeless, the uninsured and the destitute often the most disadvantaged people of New York City. There I saw that the collaborative efforts among doctors, HIV counselors, social workers, nurses and other personnel resulted in an enriched environment that was beneficial to patients and healthcare providers alike. Those experiences have inspired me to consider a career in emergency medicine. I believe the knowledge and skills acquired from the UST will have an invaluable potential to help countless people in an urban emergency room catering to the underserved.”

Sarah Orkin
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