Past News

  • On Sept. 6, 2017, the MPH Program welcomed John Scott for a workshop on Community Health Mapping (CHM). Mr. Scott came to us from the National Library of Medicine Center for Public Service Communications. There were nearly 50 registrants for his workshop.
  • Gambling on a Third Casino
    As Connecticut considers a third casino, UConn Health addiction expert Thomas Babor discusses the growing gambling epidemic and its potentially negative impact on our society and our health.
  • “Gambling with the Public’s Health: A Global Evaluation of the Modern Gambling Epidemic” – the slides and broadcast of the Public Health grand rounds featuring Professor Pekka Sulkunen, a sociologist from Finland.
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  • Joe Camel in a Bottle
    An op-ed piece expressing that the alcohol industry still makes ads appealing to youth.
  • Substance Abuse: The Case for Early Intervention
    A new compilation of research reports edited by two UConn Health researchers finds that a brief, early intervention may keep someone who’s at moderate risk of abusing drugs or alcohol off that dangerous path.
  • Barry Levy, MD, MPH presented “Climate Change and Human Rights,” at the MPH New Student Convocation, in Keller Auditorium, on Aug 25, 2016.
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