About Us

Welcome to the Center for Vascular Biology (CVB) at UConn Health, located in Farmington, Connecticut. Founded in 1998, the Center is currently led by its Director, Dr. Linda H. Shapiro.

The University of Connecticut Board of Trustees chose vascular biology as one of the strategic areas of research in the UConn Health Strategic Plan. Currently, there are six primary faculty members in the Center. One other UConn Health faculty member is affiliated with the CVB and contributes to the research and education efforts of the Center.  Each Principle Investigator’s research and publications can be found by selecting from the menu bar at the top of this page.

Vascular biology is the study of the cells of the vascular system, which permeates every organ in the body. Blood vessels are dynamic structures made up of several cell types, including endothelial and smooth muscle cells. Abnormality of blood vessels is important in many serious diseases, including heart attacks, stroke, diabetic leg ulcers, cancer growth and metastasis, diabetic blindness, rheumatoid arthritis and neurodegeneration, among others.

CVB faculty participates in educational programs in the schools of medicine, dental medicine and graduate school. Active graduate and postdoctoral training programs exist in the laboratories of the CVB. Through cutting-edge research and education, we aim to contribute important new knowledge to the field of vascular biology.