UConn Stem Cell Core iPSC Reprogramming Service

We provide reprogramming service for the following tissue types:

  • Dermal Fibroblasts – as live cell culture or cryopreserved in vial(s)
  • Peripheral Blood – freshly collected in heparin coated tubes
  • Umbilical Cord Blood – frozen

If you would like to discuss the possibility of reprogramming other unique cell types, please contact us.


Delivery methods include sendai virus, the episomal method designed by Dr. Yamanaka, and lentivirus (STEMCCA – Cre-excisable).

In our hands, sendai virus is most efficient for adherent cultures and as such we recommend it for dermal fibroblasts or epithelia collected from urine.

The episomal method and sendai virus are both efficient with blood (peripheral blood or cord blood).

In some cases, if one method does not work, we will try another method.


Upon successful reprogramming of your samples, we will deliver 3-5 clones, each with 3 cryopreserved vials or live cells. SSEA4 and OCT4 immunostaining are included for one clone of each cell line.


For current pricing, please see the Services Pricing list.


Shipping your samples to us:

  • Samples should be shipped overnight. Fed Ex or any other courier may be used.
  • We accept peripheral blood samples collected in heparin coated tubes. They should be sent ambient and with priority next day delivery.
  • Frozen vials and live cultures of fibroblasts should be shipped overnight.
  • Please inform us of the date of shipping by contacting us in advance so we may confirm the receiving date with you.
  • For blood or live cells, please give at least 48 hours (business days) notice.
  • For frozen samples, please give at least 24 hours (business day) notice.

Please contact us before shipping any samples.

When you ship samples, please include the submission form, or make sure your name, lab name, institution, and names and descriptions of samples are included inside the package with the samples.


Your completed project; shipping iPSCs back to you:

We recommend World Courier, including with domestic shipments, but particularly for overseas shipments, and especially for large orders. World Courier will personally handle and hand deliver your shipment. You may have us use another courier, but please understand the risk, when using a courier that will not monitor the dry ice, nor personally handle the delivery.


Thank you for considering the UConn Stem Cell Core for your research services. Please contact us with any questions.