Other Services

Validation and Quality Control Analysis

A field of human stem cell derived embryoid bodies

Verification of Pluripotency

iPSCs are differentiated into embryoid bodies and specification of endoderm, ectoderm, and mesoderm lineages are assayed by qRT-PCR using the Applied Biosystems® TaqMan® hPSC Scorecard.

Mycoplasma Testing

We provide a biochemical mycoplasma test using the Lonza Myco-Alert kit®. We ask that you submit 1 – 2 ml of spent culture medium to be tested.


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Cell Biobanking

Stacks of plates containing stem cells in a cell culture incubator We will perform QC measures, expand, store, and distribute your custom hESC and iPSC lines when requested by your collaborators. We can also provide continuous banking as a back-up repository for your lab.


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IPSC-derived neuron immunolabeled with neuronal marker TUJ1 and synaptic marker PSD-95.We provide training in iPSC/hESC Basic Culture Techniques, consulting, and troubleshooting support. Individual workshops are available for iPSC/hESC differentiation to neural, cardiomyocyte, and vascular endothelial lineages.

Since training sessions are customized to each user’s skill level, training is charged by the hour.


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