Outreach Educational Programs

The continued advancement of stem cell research in Connecticut relies on attracting inspired and well-educated young scientists and on public understanding and support. The core therefore supports the following outreach activities, run by Laura Grabel at Wesleyan University. We offer seminars from in-state stem cell experts to a variety of audiences at Connecticut colleges and universities, as well as libraries, high schools, and other venues. We also offer a one-day hands-on workshop using human embryonic stem cells for undergraduates and graduate students in the state. The workshop takes place at Wesleyan University and is offered in late January.

The following is our list of available speakers:

  • Haifin Lin, Director, Yale Stem Cell Institute, “Stem Cells: Progress and Promise”
  • David Goldhammer, Center for Regenerative Biology, University of Connecticut, “The Basic Biology and Therapeutic Potential of Tissue-specific Stem Cells”
  • Lori Gruen, Wesleyan University, “The Ethics of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research”
  • Theodore Rasmussen, Center for Regenerative Biology, University of Connecticut, “The Search for Patient-matched Stem Cells: Research Approaches to Prevent Stem Cell Transplant Rejection”
  • Laura Grabel, Wesleyan University, “Towards an Embryonic Stem-based Therapy for Neurodegenerative Disorders”
  • Ren-He Xu, Director, University of Connecticut Stem Cell Core, “Stem Cells: a Powerful Tool for Biomedical Discoveries and Regenerative Medicine”
  • Xue-jun Li, UConn Health, “Specification and Maturation of Motor Neurons from hESCs”
  • Diane Krause, Yale Stem Cell Institute, “Hematopoietic Stem Cells”
  • Lawrence Rizzolo, Yale University, “Demystifying Stem Cells: What Are They and Why Should We Care?”
  • Xiuchun (Cindy) Tian, Center for Regenerative Biology, University of Connecticut, “Stems and Cloning”
  • Stormy Chamberlain, UConn Health, “Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Disease Modeling”