Innovation and Inventorship

The Innovation and Inventorship CIG focuses on developing a culture to promote scientific innovation and inventorship at UConn, as well as within the wider community in Connecticut. This CIG provides leadership to advance the Connecticut Convergence Institute mission of translating scientific research into community interventions through scientific innovation. To accomplish their goal, this CIG focuses on creating programs focused on demystifying innovation, developing a platform to share lessons learned by UConn inventors and other researcher communities in the state, and fostering engagement by bringing academia and industry together.

CIG members

Dr. Cato T. Laurencin

Dr. Lakshmi S. Nair

Dr. Pramod Srivastava

Executive Committee

Dr. Douglas Adamson

Dr. Mostafa Analoui

Dr. Faquir Jain

Dr. Robert J. Kelly

Dr. Gregory Sotzing

Dr. Steven Suib


For more information please contact Dr. Lakshmi S. Nair at