Month: June 2010

A Symbol of America’s Rich and Diverse Heritage

UConn Health main hospital entranceToday, as our nation celebrates Flag Day – the date marking the official adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the flag of the United States – I ask all of you to reflect for a moment on the flag and the journey it has taken through our American history. From its early days representing just 13 states until the present day, the flag has seen our nation through war and peace, times of challenge and times of prosperity. It flies at national landmarks and is proudly displayed at homes and businesses throughout the country – including our Health Center where the flag is prominently displayed in the Main Lobby.

The flag is a symbol that unites all Americans and celebrates our nation’s rich and diverse heritage. When I look at the Stars and Stripes, I am filled with pride and reminded that its threads were woven by many hands, over the course of many generations. Together, we can weave our own piece of history by creating a brighter and better future for our patients, students, colleagues and everyone who is part of the Health Center family.

Today, it is my honor to wish all of you a happy Flag Day.

Hartford Region Gains National Attention

The current issue of Forbes Magazine features information about the Hartford region and its potential to become a nationally-recognized healthcare destination. The Health Center was pleased to participate in interviews for this feature. With the recent passage of the UConn Health Network legislation, this information is very timely. I am linking the piece for your perusal.
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Stormy Chamberlain First Recipient of the Sackler Assistant Professor Support Endowment

Stormy J. Chamberlain, Ph.D.

In a continuing commitment to support the work of promising young investigators at the Health Center, I am delighted to announce that Stormy Chamberlain, Ph.D., is the first recipient of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Assistant Professor Support Endowment.

Dr. Chamberlain is an integral part of the Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology and the UConn Stem Cell Institute. Working closely with Marc Lalande, Ph.D., the department chairman and the Health Center’s Senior Associate Dean, Research Planning and Coordination, she is pursuing the use of stem cells to model and study human imprinting disorders associated with inherited conditions such as Angelman syndrome.

The new endowment will support Dr. Chamberlain’s research and academic activities.

Raymond and Beverly Sackler are nationally and internationally prominent philanthropists who have generously supported the University and the Health Center through the years. In the area of stem cell research, they previously established the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Fund for Genetics and Molecular Medicine and provided significant grant funding that has supported the work of Health Center researchers Brenton Graveley, Ph.D., and Bruce Mayer, Ph.D., also of the Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology.

I am profoundly grateful to the Sacklers and extend best wishes to Dr. Chamberlain for her continued success.