Mayte Restrepo

Research Area(s) of Interest: 

Global Health and Early Childhood

Dr. Restrepo is an Assistant Professor. She received her doctoral degree in Public Health in 2021 and her MPH in 2014, both from UConn. She also holds a master’s degree in International Studies. She received the Emergent Scholar award from the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation (2020-2021) for her research on the Colombian armed conflict and its impact on women’s increased risk for intimate partner violence and mental health problems.  Currently, Dr. Restrepo is working on building a surveillance system for Adverse and Positive Childhood Experiences in Connecticut using publicly available and administrative data sources. Data from this system will be used to  identify child populations at higher risk of adverse childhood experiences and gaps in the provision of prevention programs. She expects data from this system will be available to the public through a web portal in 2023. She is also collaborating with colleagues from Colombia and Puerto Rico on a project to understand better the role of potentially traumatic experiences in children’s mental health in socio-politically complex contexts.  Dr. Restrepo’s goal is to advance her research in preventing adverse experiences in childhood by focusing on factors that have been found to promote positive health outcomes despite adversity. 

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Mayte Restrepo
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