Poison Safety Helper Program

This training is for adults who work with children, families and other adults. Some examples are child care providers, injury prevention specialists, scouting leaders, and nurses. Participants will be prepared to teach about the services of the poison center and basic poison prevention. The program is flexible and designed so that instructors can tailor it to specific audiences and groups.

The program has three components: the workshop, program materials, and Poison Safety Pick-up Locations.

The workshop is about three hours long and can be held in your own community. Attendees will learn about poison center services, common poisons around the home, first aid for poisons, poison prevention tips, and how to teach a poison prevention lesson plan.

For more details on the Poison Safety Helper Program workshop, see our program flyer.

At the workshop participants will receive a Poison Safety Helper Program Instructor’s Guide which contains poison background information, lesson plans for grades pre-K through elderly, activity sheets and handouts, and poison prevention resources.

Poison Safety Pick-Up Locations are places throughout the state of Connecticut (in addition to the poison center) where additional educational materials are available for loan. These resources compliment the Poison Safety Helper Program and enhance the lesson plans in the instructor’s guide.

Upcoming Workshops

To schedule a workshop in your area please contact the Community Education Specialist at (860) 679-4422 or poisonmaterials@uchc.edu.