Health Fair To-Go Kit

Everything you need to have an exhibit and educational materials for a health fair in your community. What the kit contains: exhibit ideas, information on loan of poison/candy buzz box, telephone stickers, and a limited quantity of brochures and other printed materials that fits your audience and time of the year.

Interactive Exhibit Ideas

Candy/Medicine Display

Make a display from available pills. Find candies that look like pills and glue on paper. Put the paper on a poster board or in a clear plastic box frame. Let children guess which are pills and which are candy. Explain that in real life, they should NOT guess, but “Ask Before Tasting”!


  • White Tylenol caplets and white Good n’ Plenty
  • Benadryl and pink Good n’ Plenty
  • Red round Sudafed pills and Red Hots
  • Colored gel-caps (any kind) and jelly beans
  • Pastel round flat antacids and Sweetarts
  • Baby aspirin and Sweetarts
  • Jelly bean vitamins and jelly beans
  • Gummi bear vitamins and gummi bears
  • Vita-balls and gum balls
  • Aspergum and cinnamon gum
  • Round coated Advil and tropical M&M’s
  • Brown round pyridium and M&M’s or Skittles

Poison Look-a-likes Display

Make a display of Poison Look-a-likes (poisons that look like good things to eat or drink).

Use any clear containers with a glued lid.


  • Mothballs next to marshmallows
  • Chocolate Ex-lax next to chocolate candy bar
  • Grape flavored cough medicine (liquid) next to grape juice
  • Clear liquids in 3 containers: Vodka or rubbing alcohol, vinegar, water.
  • Blue liquids in 3 containers: Powerade, Windex, blue mouthwash.
  • Yellow liquids: Pine Sol, a yellow liquor, apple juice. (You’ll need a fresh apple juice every time you display it because it ferments and gets cloudy.)

DO not walk away from display if you have poisons on the table!

Encourage children to guess which product is safe to eat or drink. Emphasize that in real life, it is safer NOT to guess, but to “Ask before Tasting.”

Poison Plant Display

Get silk or potted plants (or photos of them) to make a Poison Plant Display, or have the audience guess which plant is poisonous if eaten. See Know Your Plants brochure.

Gummy bear vitamins and gummi bears
Gummy bear vitamins and gummi bears.

Yellow cleaning solution and apple juice
Yellow cleaning solution and apple juice.