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When the kidney fails, it is unable to remove waste, fluid, and chemicals from your bloodstream. Dialysis treats kidney failure by removing harmful substances and fluid in the blood that the kidneys are unable to filter out. If dialysis is needed, our team will work closely with you and your family to coordinate all aspects of your dialysis care for both hemodialysis at the center or peritoneal dialysis at home.

Hemodialysis removes blood from the body and sends it across a filter to remove waste products. The blood is then returned to the body. Patients who receive hemodialysis usually have treatment in a dialysis center three times a week, and each treatment takes about three to four hours. Treatment starts by linking blood vessel access to the hemodialysis machine. You then will relax in a recliner chair until the process is complete. Alternatively, hemodialysis can be done at home for motivated patients.

Peritoneal dialysis uses the inner lining of your stomach (peritoneum) as a filter to clean your blood with the help of a fluid that aids filtration and flows in and out of your abdominal lining. A surgeon will place a soft, plastic tube (PD catheter) through the wall of your stomach. Patients and caregivers are taught how to handle the equipment, start the dialysis treatment, keep treatment records, and monitor the machine and blood pressure. Supplies are delivered to your home, and you will have blood tests about once a month to monitor how well the procedure is working for you.

The UConn Dialysis Center is owned and operated by Dialysis Clinic, Inc. (DCI), one of the nation’s largest nonprofit dialysis providers.

DCI is based in Nashville and is affiliated with major universities and teaching hospitals throughout the U.S. There are 240 DCI clinics nationwide. The UConn Dialysis Center is one of its first clinics in New England.



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