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Kidney Disease During Pregnancy

Our Nephrology team at UConn Health provides comprehensive care to pregnant women with kidney disease. Kidney disease during pregnancy can range from diabetes and hypertension to autoimmune disease and other newly occurring kidney disease. This condition is often designated as a high-risk pregnancy.

Our team works together with the experts in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the UConn Health Women’s Center to ensure that pregnant women with kidney disease get the care they need. The specialists here can evaluate and monitor high-risk pregnancies all the way through delivery. Learn more about testing and services provided by UConn Health’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division.

For women with kidney disease hoping to conceive, the key to a successful pregnancy is careful preparation to address the underlying cause of kidney disease before pregnancy. Our Nephrology specialists recommend a prepregnancy evaluation followed by close monitoring in coordination with your obstetrician to maximize the chance of a successful pregnancy.

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