Expectations of a typical volunteer are outlined below and should be taken into consideration before applying and accepting a position as a volunteer.

Attending Shifts and Meetings

  • Clinical Shifts:
    • One 4-hour shift per week for 10 weeks total = 40 total hours
    • Shift options are 8am-12pm and 1-5pm, Monday-Friday. There are no weekend shifts or evening shifts available.
    • Our clinical sites are located in Farmington, CT and Hartford, CT. Volunteers need to account for travel and traffic time accordingly. If you live in Storrs, you likely need to allocate 1 hour each way.
  • Monthly Meetings
    • We hold 3 meetings per semester (roughly 1 meeting per month) as part of our educational component
    • Meetings are held in-person at UConn Health (Farmington, CT)
    • Meetings are held in the evening (typically 6 or 7pm)
  • Arranging carpools for clinical shifts and meetings is encouraged for volunteers who do not have a car. While UCHL will do our best to facilitate, finalizing carpool arrangements is the responsibility of volunteers.


Educational Commitment

  • There will be 3 assignments each semester, corresponding to each meeting.
  • Volunteers are required to complete educational syllabi and submit short assignments as part of their participation. These assignments are an essential part of our social determinants of health and health equity curriculum.
  • There are optional programs within UCHL for volunteers' personal and professional development, including a mentorship program and optional meetings for graduate school applications.