Health Insurance Advance Initiative

Enhance the Value of Health Insurance for all CT Citizens

Funded by The Connecticut Health Foundation

The Health Disparities Institute (HDI) 5-year Health Insurance Advance strategic initiative promoted awareness of the importance of health insurance literacy among CT decision makers and influencers in 2015 through the Health Insurance Literacy Symposium. We also raised awareness of how the complex insurance system is a structural barrier to selection and use of health insurance. Dr. Villagra discusses the value of simplifying health insurance in his 2015 article.

In 2016, we completed research documenting pervasive Health Insurance Literacy (HIL) deficits especially among people of color. In November and December 2016, we hosted an Equal Coverage to Care coalition planning webinar and a 25-organization in-person retreat.

Key Initiatives for 2017

Contact: Denise Smith, B.S., C.H.W., P.N.,