FatherWorks Program

Teen Pregnancy Prevention through Responsible Fathering Controlled Trial of the FatherWorks Program

Funded by The Village for Families and Children

Now in its final year, this six year randomized controlled community-based trial is designed to reduce repeat fatherhood by providing motivation, opportunities and skills needed to change risk behavior. FatherWorks services include parenting education and individualized case management, behavioral health services, and educational and vocational support. As the independent evaluator, HDI, in partnership with the UConn School of Social Work, is conducting ongoing process and outcome evaluation to assess six primary outcomes, including changes in paternal identity, changes in paternal caregiving behavior, achievement of education and training goals, achievement of employment goals, improved behavioral intentions for contraceptive use, and reductions in risky sexual behavior. The evaluation also assesses secondary outcomes including self-reported subsequent conceptions/fathering, changes in parenting skills knowledge, changes in job readiness and skills, and improvements in reproductive and contraceptive use knowledge. HDI will conduct multilevel longitudinal analysis of data collected at five points in time (enrollment, 15 weeks, 8 months, 12 month, and 16 months). The Village for Families and Children Inc. has partnered with UConn Health and faculty from the UConn School of Social Work (Dr. Cristina Wilson, co-PI) to design and evaluate this randomized control trial of their innovative programming. Total funding is approximately $5 million, with UConn Health/UConn receiving approximately $1.2 million over 6 years to conduct the evaluation. The target population is primarily Hispanic and Black American males ages 15-24 living in the Greater Hartford area who have fathered a child with a female under the age of 21.

Contact: Bhumika Parikh, parikh@uchc.edu