Evaluating Rapid Rehousing Programs in Connecticut

Funded by The Melville Charitable Trust

The Evaluating Rapid Rehousing Programs in Connecticut study aims to see what effects rapid rehousing has had on individuals and their families. Rapid rehousing is based on the Housing First philosophy—that people need stable housing before they can be stable in other ways, such as maintaining employment. HDI will be evaluating 14 rapid rehousing programs in Connecticut that are collaborators with the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness. We will evaluate the programs through numerous methods: 1) we will survey frontline staff that work with rapid rehousing clients; 2) we will facilitate two rounds of focus groups in each region of Connecticut; 3) we will survey rapid rehousing clients during focus groups and again 12 months later; 4) we will conduct case studies of a small subset of rapid rehousing clients over 10-12 months; and 5) we will analyze administrative data from the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) including data about all homeless individuals in the state who have received homelessness services.

Contact: Bhumika Parikh, parikh@uchc.edu