Radical Healing

"Radical healing is the antidote to racial injustice. It is the medicine that promotes wellness in the face of identity-based 'wounds.' These wounds include those sustained by racist policies and practices, including exclusion from citizenship and the polity, extreme violence by those paid to serve and protect, and provision of substandard medical care" Powell et. al

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Register Today! Join the webinar & conversation series!The webinar is a three (or 2) part series, designed to introduce a framework for organizations and institutions to adopt the five principles of Radical Healing. During the presentation, we will introduce the Radical Healing framework and highlight organizations that are applying principles to advance health equity. We will also invite you to take an organizational assessment of how your organization may be putting into practice various Radical Healing actions.

Policy Brief

The policy brief provides principles and applied examples to develop across sectors and organizations for the health and well-being of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

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Is Your Organization Applying Radical Healing?

Answer these questions to identify where your organization is in readiness and reaching radical healing....

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