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The UConn HDI works to eliminate health disparities and to ensure that everyone in Connecticut has a fair, just, and equitable opportunity to enjoy good health and well-being. The public syllabi and curricula on this page may serve as a guide for youth, families, educators, mentors, and leaders using art, music, writings, and modern modalities of health equity education and various health topics at the intersections race, gender, and whole-person lived experiences.

David Makes Man Public Syllabus

Welcome to the David Makes Man Public Syllabus and Curriculum! We invite you to watch the series and follow along with the Public Syllabus. The themes emerging from David Makes Man Series emphasizes the vital importance of safeguarding and holding space for Black boys as they work to BECOME. Watch this series and join us as David's journey helps us understand why we need to reimagine masculinities, transform systems, and advance health equity for boys and men of color. Let's get started!


Visualize Health Equity

Learners will participate in an interactive, hands-on activity, where they will be able to apply what they've learned in the first 3 modules to create and visualize a community, school, neighborhood, or world that includes health equity, social justice, or anti-racism.Let's get started!


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