Allison Joslyn, MA

Research Assistant II


Passionate to inspire action through research, Allison has dedicated her personal and professional life to health research surrounding preventive health models, well-being for the whole family, and advancing health equity and environmental justice. She is co-lead in the Data Analytics Core and supports the Research Training and Leadership Development Core. Allison also manages HDI’s student leadership programs, strategic communications, and supports the Radical Healing Coalition.

In addition to her role at UConn HDI, Allison serves as Parliamentarian with the National Association for Health Services Executives- CT Chapter and serves in several nonprofit organizations. Prior to her current role, Allison supported institutional research at universities and led program evaluations and continuous quality improvement efforts across statewide organizations. Allison earned a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Central Connecticut State University. She also trained as an intern in the TARGET model and fidelity implementation.  Allison studied in Chile to research preventive health care perceptions and behaviors in the context of historical and current health care systems, as well as the proximity of health care services in rural and urban communities. Allison's research area of interest is in stress accumulation and stress reduction, trauma prevention and healthcare utilization through mulitcultural, biopsychosocial lenses.


Hughes, M., Joslyn, A., Wojton, M., O’Reilly, M., Dworkin, P.H. (2016). Connecting Vulnerable Children and Families to Community-Based Programs Strengthens Parents’ Perceptions of Protective Factors. Infants and Young Children, 29, 116–129.