Academy of Science and Innovation
Contact: Karen Mooney, Principal

Central Connecticut State University
Contact: Kathy Martin, Ph.D.

Institute for Student Success
UConn, Storrs
Contact: Dr. Tadarrayl Starke

John and Valerie Rowe Health Professions Scholars Program
UConn, Storrs
Contact: Anne Kim

Jumoke Academy Honors at the Hartford Conservatory
Contact: Nikilia Reid, Principal

Jumoke Academy Honors - SMaRT
Contact: Kashay Green, Principal

Sport and Medical Sciences Academy
Contact: José Colón, Principal

UConn, Hartford Campus
Contact: Mark Overmyer-Velázquez, Ph.D., Director

West Middle School
Contact: Joshua Scherer, Principal


The UConn Health’s Health Career Opportunity Programs is partially supported by the following funding sources: