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Our Vision

Every infant and young child with a developmental delay or disability and their family has access to a culturally, racially, ethnically, and linguistically responsive, family centered, individualized, community based, and inclusive early childhood intervention system of services and support provided by a diverse and competent workforce.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to increase the capacity of Institutions of Higher Education, Professional Organizations, States, Territories, and Tribal Nations to prepare and sustain a racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse and competent workforce who will advance equity and facilitate improved child and family outcomes in early childhood intervention systems across the United States.

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Our Goals and Outcomes

Develop and align an early childhood equity framework for IHE programs of study Implement state EC personnel standards and competencies to guide equitable interventions Lead to: Increased numbers of early childhood IHE programs of study that are centered within an equity framework  Attract, prepare and graduate EC scholars with diverse background from IHEs Build state infrastructures to attract and support a workforce that is diverse Recruit and retain early childhood IHE faculty with diverse backgrounds Lead to: Increased numbers of early childhood personnel and faculty from diverse backgrounds in state systems and programs  Which lead to: Improved developmental and behavioral outcomes for infants and young children with disabilities and families from diverse backgrounds