Kidney Disease Education

Do You or Someone You Know Have Kidney Problems?

An increasing number of people are learning that their kidneys are losing function. Diabetes and high blood pressure are two of the most common causes.

It is important to understand that not all kidney disease leads to dialysis. In addition, we can slow the progression of kidney failure and sometimes prevent total kidney loss, avoiding dialysis.

Information sessions about kidney function and kidney treatments will be held at UConn Dialysis Center. The purpose of these sessions is to educate you about the functions of the kidneys and the treatment options that are available. Information will be provided which may help slow kidney function loss and delay dialysis.

This program will help answer questions about treatments including medications, diet and blood pressure control. We will also discuss dialysis methods and kidney transplant.

Other important concerns including finances, family, friends and work will be addressed.

Dialysis is only part of your care. If dialysis may be in your future, you probably have countless questions and concerns.

Our hope is to ease worries you may have about kidney disease and to help you and your family feel positive about the future at a scary time.

Family and friends play an important role in providing support, please bring them with you. This program is open to anyone over 12 years old interested in kidney disease and prevention.

The program is held in a comfortable atmosphere with patient friendly information. A registered nurse, social worker, and dietician will be available for further information and to answer any questions. Sessions are held once a month in either the day or evening. Individual appointments can also be made.