Salma Afifi

UConn School of Pharmacy

I am an Egyptian-American who moved to this country at age 11.   I have lived in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Canada and finally, the United States. I came here with my parents and my three siblings. I followed the example of my parents, both of whom are pharmacists – and enrolled in pharmacy school.

I am now in my third year, and will begin rotations in the summer. I am planning to do a residency after my rotations to become a clinical pharmacist where I will have more interaction with patients and other health care providers.

I believe that there is inequality in the health care system in the US and I have a commitment to helping people that need it the most. Therefore, I became interested in Urban Service Track to help those in the underserved communities.  UST offers the tools that I need to educate and counsel patients, and raise awareness about the inequalities in our health care system.  I am joining UST with work experience from a retail pharmacy as well as hospital experience, and I hope that UST will add to my experiences and help me grow and learn as a future pharmacist.

Salma Afifi
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