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Graduate and Non-Degree Students

The Office of the Registrar at UConn Health acts as a liaison to the Whetten Graduate Center at the Storrs campus. The majority of forms used by graduate students are on the UConn Graduate School website with the exception of these forms. All official graduate student forms/documents, including registration, thesis, and dissertation forms, should be submitted through the Office of the Registrar at UConn.

Registering for Classes

Registration via the Student Administration Self-Service Center is available through the 10th day of the term. Students are encouraged to register early to avoid missing deadlines. After the 10th day of class, late enrollment adjustments require submission of the approved Schedule Revision Request Form. A revised Plan of Study is required for any changes in enrollment.

Adding Classes After Day 10

Is at the instructor’s discretion. During the third and fourth weeks of the semester, a student may add courses by submitting a completed Schedule Revision Request Form with permission from the course instructor, advisor, and head of the department offering the course.

Dropping Classes After Day 10

Courses dropped after the tenth day will be reflected on a student’s transcript with a “W” grade for “withdrawal.” Dropping a class after the ninth week requires the recommendation of the advisor and permission of the Associate Dean of the Graduate School at UConn Health.

Lab Rotation and Independent Study

Students may not self-register for lab rotation or independent study. Please complete the appropriate form and submit via email to the UConn Health Registrar’s Office with all required authorizations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, email authorizations are permitted when sent from the UConn Health email address.

Maintaining Matriculated Status

Graduate students must register each semester to maintain status as a matriculated student. Students not registered for credit-bearing classes must register for one of four non-credit continuous registration classes:

  • GRAD 5998: Special Readings at the Master’s Level
  • GRAD 6998: Special Readings at the Doctoral Level
  • GRAD 5999: Master’s Thesis Preparation
  • GRAD 6999: Doctoral Dissertation Preparation

Failure to register for one of these classes prior to the end of the 10th day of the term will result in being discontinued in the system and may jeopardize loans, need-based aid, and/or graduate assistantship. Reinstatement requires submission of the Request for Reinstatement Form and payment of a $65 reinstatement fee.

Auditing a Course

Auditing a course requires permission from both the instructor and major advisor. Audited courses cannot be included on the plan of study. Complete the Graduate School Course Audit Request and submit to the UConn Health Registrar’s Office prior to the 10th day of the term. Classes may not be converted to audit after this point.

Non-Degree Registration

Non-Degree Study allows individuals who have not been formally accepted into degree-seeking status at UConn to take graduate-level credit courses. In most cases, a bachelor’s degree is required to enroll in graduate courses. Non-degree students seeking to be admitted to The Graduate School are usually allowed only 6 credits of graduate coursework to be applied toward the degree. Matriculated graduate students have priority for seating over non-degree students.

Non-degree students must complete a Non-degree application.pdf. The form must be completed in its entirety.

Employees enrolling in non-degree study who intend to request an employee tuition waiver may not register until the second day of the semester in which the class is offered.

Note: Please do not use the electronic application form found on the UConn Non-Degree and Visiting Student site; this is not used by UConn Health.