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Premature Death Due to Cardiovascular Disease - Overall Statistics for Connecticut

Tracking statewide Years of Potential Lives Lost (YPLL) due to cardiovascular disease is a population health measure required by the SIM Test grant. The plan for improving population health utilizes and builds upon the DPH’s recent State Health Assessment, State Health Improvement Plan (Healthy Connecticut 2020) and the state Chronic Disease Prevention Plan.

Premature Death Due to Cardiovascular Disease Definition: Cardiovascular disease is any health problem that includes the heart or blood vessels. It is the leading cause of death in the U.S. This measure estimates the number of Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL) for persons dying before age 75 due to premature death related to cardiovascular disease.


  • In the years prior to the CT SIM implementation, the rate of YPLL per 100,000 was on a downward trend. In 2013, the YPLL was 830.2 and it decreased to 733.1 by 2015.
  • In 2016, the first CT SIM implementation year, the rate increased slightly from 733.1 to to 733.9 YPLL. The observed result is above the 2016 target of 684.6.
  • In 2017, the rate increased to 753.5, which is 16% higher than the target goal.
  • The targets presented in the graph show that the goal is to decrease to 614.7 YPLL by the end of the CT SIM implementation in 2018.

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