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Dr. Camron Bryant


Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed



Multiple Speakers



Dr. Patrick Murphy



Dr. David Zappulla






Dr. Li Yang (2-3PM)



Dr. Christine Beck




Dr. Beiyan Zhou



Dr. Aoife Heaslip






Dr. Stephen Helfand

6th UConn Fly Club (Demo Room, R1401)



Dr. Adrian Krainer








Dr. Scott Bultman



Dr. Mayu Inaba



Dr. Duygu Ucar

Boston University


UConn Health



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UConn Health



Johns Hopkins University





Chinese Academy of Science


UConn Health and The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine


UConn Health



University of Connecticut





Brown University






Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory







University of North Carolina


UConn Health



The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine

“Systems genetic analysis of drug and food addiction traits in mice”


“Dealing practical issues associated to the clinical and high throughput genomic data integration for precision medicine”


Northeastern Glenn Symposium on the Biology of Aging



“Alternative splicing as a novel axis in endothelial-immune interactions”


“Telomerase: RNP architecture, telomere maintenance, and senescence without it”





“Genome-wide characterization of circular RNAs”



“Repetitive sequences and genomic plasticity”





“Macrophage Polarization and Obesity”



“Oh the places you’ll go! Vesicle transport in Toxoplasma gondii






“Retrotransposons as agents of somatic diversity, disease and aging”


Multiple Talks




Herbert and Esther Bennett Brandwein Lecture: “Spinraza: The First Approved Therapy for Spinal Muscular Atrophy”







“The role of microbiome-derived metabolism in cancer prevention and therapy”





Epigenetic dys-regulation of human cells in complex phenotypes”

Dr. Erin Young


Dr. Brenton Graveley


Dr. Blanka Rogina


Dr. Stormy Chamberlain


Dr. Brenton Graveley





Dr. Gordon Carmichael


Dr. Blanka Rogina



Dr. Blanka Rogina



Dr. Arthur Gunzl




Dr. Blanka Rogina


Dr. Blanka Rogina



Dr. Brenton Graveley







GDB Graduate Students


Dr. Blanka Rogina


Dr. Blanka Rogina