The Genetics Seminar Series will be held in the
Edmund and Arlene Grossman Auditorium (or Virtual) at 400 Farmington Ave, Farmington, CT 06032

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Upcoming Genetics and Genome Sciences Seminars

Date/Time Speaker Home Institution Title Host
March 30, 2023 Yingqun Huang, M.D., Ph.D. Yale University “Overcoming a TET offensive in multiple diseases” Brenton Graveley
April 20, 2023 Eric Wagner, Ph.D. UConn Health Integrator is a Promoter-Proximal Termination Complex Critical for Transcriptional Control Brenton Graveley
April 27, 2023 Sam Sternberg, Ph.D. Columbia University Discovery and development of CRISPR-associated transposases Brenton Graveley