The core facility serves well over 50 different laboratories. Consequently, we have instituted the following rules and regulations to maximize efficiency and allow us to maintain the core facility as a highly functional and state-of-the-art facility. Put simply: don’t play bumper cars with Ferraris.

1. Please remember to adjust your unassisted reservations in the Research Cores calendar before the end of your scheduled session. Adjustments can be extended to the next reservation or reduced to the current time as necessary.

2. Unassisted appointments for use of the core facility can be made using the Research Cores or by contacting facility personnel.

3. Technician-assisted appointments for use of the core facility can be made by the Research Cores system as well as via phone or email. Facility personnel may request control samples, suggest certain media, or ask for the inclusion of viability dyes. Technician-assisted appointments are adjusted by facility personnel according to actual usage.

4. It is advisable, but not necessary, for you to be present with your samples in the facility. If you choose to leave your samples, clearly label the samples with your name and phone number, and place them in our refrigerator. Due to limited space, we may discard your samples if they have not been picked up after one week.

5. It is your responsibility to find safe storage space for your experiments on your own storage media. The FACS Facility can assist you with a temporary solution as necessary and there is limited space for data storage on the flow cytometry server. However, all data from instrument computers will be uniformly erased after two weeks - NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. Although we recommend fixation, occasionally samples need to be run without fixation. In these instances, please alert facility personnel so that we can assess the biohazard potential. Strict adherence to the cleaning procedures outlined for each cytometer must be followed after running unfixed samples. Failure to adhere to these procedures is dangerous and will result in revocation of FACS facility privileges.

7. For sorting, both FACS Aria II cell sorters have an aerosol containment system that has been certified by the UConn Health Safety Office and can be used to sort biohazardous samples. Human samples that are untested or potentially hazardous must be run on the Aria II-A in the Bioprotect III safety cabinet. Please contact Dr. Jellison prior to scheduling analysis or sorting of any biohazardous materials.