Two-Factor Authentication


Two-factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your username and password process. It combines something you know (your username and password) with something you have (mobile phone, tablet, text message, landline phone) to verify your identity. 2FA, powered by Duo Security, protects our valuable confidential information including PHI, employee, and student information from unauthorized access when using the below services.

Frequently Asked Questions and Support

For frequently asked questions, please refer to the following support document.

New users: To change your password remotely, please refer to the following instruction document.

If you need help with an issue not answered here, contact the UConn Health Service Desk.

Enrolling and Activating Two-Factor Authentication

Get prepared with your mobile phone (preferred method) or another option below to add to the Duo two-factor service and follow one of the following selections:

Mobile Phone: Have your mobile phone ready and enroll.

Tablets: Have your Android or IOS tablet ready and enroll.

Landline: Have your landline device ready and enroll.

Managing Your Device

Manage your device through the Duo Device Management Portal:

To add or manage a device login to the Duo Device Management Portal.

Note: You will be prompted to authenticate with your second factor before you can make changes.

Using Two-Factor Authentication

Approving or Denying a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Request.

Authenticating with Remote Citrix: Citrix Remote Access.

Verified Push

Authenticating with Pulse VPN: Using the UConn Health Pulse VPN Client with Duo.

Authenticating with Pulse VPN (Mac): Using the UConn Health Pulse VPN Mac Client with Duo.

Authenticating with Pulse Vendor Site: Using the UConn Health Pulse Portal Sites with Duo.

Troubleshooting Duo Push Notification Issues

Android Devices: Help Document

IOS Devices: Help Document

For Questions About Two-Factor Authentication

Contact the Service Desk
Phone: 860-679-4400

David Wallace
Assistant Vice President, IT Security
Phone: 860-679-2295