Services & Fee Schedule

Available Services

  • Complete processing, examination and photography of TEM (thin-sections) and SEM specimens negative staining
  • Negative staining of particulate samples
  • Cryosectioning
  • Immunofluorescence and immunogold labeling
  • Rotary shadow

Fee Schedule

The indicated prices are the in-house rates for investigators at UConn Health. Please inquire for rates for external users.


Service One Sample Each Additional
TEM (Complete Processing) $336 $137
SEM (Biological) $363 $133
Negative Stain $126 $82
TEM Immunogold Label $367 $220
TEM/SEM Instrument Time $77 per hour  
TEM/SEM with Operator $126 per hour  
Other Instruments variable  
Instruction $50 per hour  
Other Services please inquire  


Hitachi Transmission EM
Hitachi Transmission EM