Rachael Norris

Rachael Norris

Assistant Professor (In Residence)
Phone: 860-679-3476
Email: norris@uchc.edu

My current research involves investigating the trafficking of cellular signaling proteins in mouse ovarian follicles, by combining immunolabeling with serial section electron microscopy.  In recent studies, I demonstrated that immunogold labeling of connexin 43 (Cx43) in serial ultrathin sections of ovarian follicles provides a better understanding of the origin and fate of internalized gap junctions (Norris et al., 2017; Norris and Terasaki, 2021). I have also shown that the internalization of Cx43 gap junctions is a means to transfer organelles between cells (Norris, 2021). In ongoing studies, I am comparing the localization of the luteinizing hormone receptor within ovarian follicles before and after hormone treatment.  I am also interested in further development of techniques to immunolabel proteins within a volume of tissue viewed by electron microscopy.

Immunogold labeling of connexin 43Publications

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