Terasaki Lab

Current Members

Micki Furushi

Miki Furusho

Assistant Professor
Email: mfurusho@uchc.edu

I am interested in the 3D ultrastructure of neurons and glia. Now I am studying the ultra-structure of the axon initial segment and oligodendrocyte progenitor cell.

Past Members

  • Brianna Barbeau (2023-2024), Research Assistant, UConn Health
  • Melanie Fisher (2017-2024), Research Associate, UConn Health
  • Rachael Norris (Postdoc 2015-2021), Assistant Professor, UConn Health
  • Valentina Baena (Ph.D. 2020), Research Scientist, National Institute of Health
  • Justin Sardi, Medical Resident, Cooperstown, NY