Abhijit Deb Roy

Abhijit (Abhi) Deb RoyAssistant Professor
Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling


Phone: 860-679-2130
Email: abdebroy@uchc.edu
Office: R1431

UConn Health
400 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030

Research Interests

We are an experimental cell biology lab interested in both hypothesis-based and curiosity-driven questions, broadly within the realm of biomedical sciences. Our ongoing research projects are focused on investigating molecular signaling pathways and cytoskeletal dynamics involved in mechanobiology and cell migration. Directional cell migration plays critical roles during physiological processes such as development, angiogenesis and immune response, whereas dysregulation of cell migration is observed in pathologies such as cancer metastasis and atherosclerosis. We are interested in understanding how spatiotemporal regulation of signaling pathways modulates cytoskeletal dynamics to coordinate cell migration through diverse mechanical and biochemical environments. We employ live cell microscopy with biosensors and synthetic-biology based molecular actuators (optogenetic or chemical-inducible) to examine spatial and temporal relationships between molecular signaling pathways and cell behavior in a quantitative manner. We also collaborate with theoretical and computational biologists to develop predictive models bridging experimental observations to gain better understanding of complex biological systems.

Ongoing projects

–Deciphering how post-translational modifications of microtubules, often called ‘the tubulin code’, affect their crosstalk with the actin cytoskeleton or with intermediate filaments.
–Investigating how spatial modulation of intracellular forces affect directional cell motility.