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“Art Glass Dividers” by Denise Leone Stillwagon
“Art Glass Dividers” by Denise Leone Stillwagon

Art Acquisition and Exhibition Philosophy and Policy

Art is an indispensable part of the health care environment. Art at UConn Health is intended to be uplifting and healing for patients, their families, staff, students, and the public. It humanizes the interior and exterior spaces.

The idea of creating an Art for Patients program was conceived by the UConn Health Auxiliary and spearheaded by Celeste LeWitt. In 1979, the Art Advisory Committee was formed to manage and grow the UConn Health Art Collection. The Art Advisory Committee is co-chaired by the Art Curator and Assistant Director for Campus Planning and Space Management.

The Committee comprises volunteers from the community and UConn Health staff, many of whom are artists themselves. Today the collection includes more than 1,500 works of art across multiple media. These works adorn the grounds, public areas, waiting rooms, offices and patients’ room throughout UConn Health.

The Committee actively seeks to showcase Connecticut artists and acquire new pieces for the UConn Health Collection. Rotating art exhibits are shown in the Celeste LeWitt Gallery in the rear of the Food Court in the Main Building. Local artists are featured and often donate work to the Collection.

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UConn Health Art Collection Policy

Art at UConn Health promotes healing and the sense of a caring community for our patients, staff and students. It is a core element of the therapeutic environment, providing solace and inspiration and engaging the spirit of the natural world and the human family of which we are all a part.

Art is selected, acquired, and exhibited through the Art Advisory Committee. They determine the appropriateness of donated art for the collection, and only accept art that is consistent with the UConn Health Art Collection philosophy, policy, and applicable State Statutes. The Committee is also responsible for restoring and repairing damaged pieces.

Selected pieces are submitted to the Office of Logistics Management (OLM) to be documented and added to the UConn Health Collection. OLM is responsible for the annual inventory of all pieces in the collection.

Staff may request art from the collection for display in their specific areas. Requests are made to OLM via and are approved by the Art Curator. OLM gathers the proper paperwork, an IC-5A, and the piece is updated in the inventory. The borrower is responsible for the asset until it is returned to the Art Curator and paperwork completed noting the return. Changes in the location of the piece must be communicated to the Art Curator so that the inventory is kept current.

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