Past Events

College Admissions Panel at New Britain High School

Y.E.S. hosted a virtual college admissions discussion on December 7, 2020 with New Britain High School. This event was an interactive discussion with NBHS juniors and seniors on the college admissions process, financial aid, college life, choosing classes and majors and more.​
Event Volunteers: Gabrielle Valles, Kelly McGarry, Jimmy deMayo, Rose Bordett, Andrew Harrison and Jomaira Rincon.

DNA extraction Lab at New Britain High School

Y.E.S. visited New Britain High School on January 21, 2020 to extract DNA from strawberries. Students learned the components of the cell and how we can use hydrophobic solvents to separate DNA from the rest of the cell.
Event Volunteers: Kirby Madden-Hennessey, Socheata Lim, and Kerry Silva McPherson.

College Admissions Day

Y.E.S. teamed up with the UConn Office of Undergraduate Admissions on December 16, 2019 and visited New Britain High School to answer questions about college from juniors and seniors. Volunteers at this event shared their personal college experience and talked about the college applications/admissions process.
Event Volunteers: Katherine Discipio, Henry Hrdlicka, Jomaira Rincon, Gabrielle Valles

Scientist and Graduate Student Panel

Graduate student research scientists in various fields served on a panel event on November 12, 2019. Graduate students shared their personal journey, research interest and participated in a Q&A with students and teachers.
Event Volunteers: Nicholas Jannetty, Elise Pitmon, Gabrielle Valles