Dr. Verma received Atomwise Artificial Intelligence Molecular Screen (AIMS) award, Atomwise Inc,San Francisco, CA 94105

Dr. Verma appeared on 100th issue of The Pulse

Maria Antony Received Junior Investigator travel award by AHA during International stroke conference 2018, LA

Dr. Verma received START PPOC award from OVPR UConn. July 2017

Dr. Verma received Career development award from American Heart Association. July 2018

Dr. Verma received First prize for Stroke Progress and Innovation award 2018 by American Heart Association (AHA) Jan 2019

Verma Lab received Path trailblazer award from OVPR UConn. July 2019

Pranay Srivasatava received travel grants from Atomwise Inc to attend SFN conference 2019 at Chicago. Aug 2019

Verma Lab received New NIH R21 funding from NINDS May 2020

Verma lab received UConn OVPR REP (convergence) grant Aug 2020

UConn Today highlighted the latest finding of Verma lab, August 19, 2020​

UConn Today highlighted an innovative treatment nearing human clinical trial at UConn Health that could put an end to long-term stroke damage, February 10, 2021

Verma Lab Received a 5 year NIH R01 to explore P2X4R in ischemic stroke June 2022

Verma Lab received a 3 year Transformation project award by AHA July 2022

Verma Lab received NIA-NINDS AD related supplement grant to study P2X4R in Alzheimer's disease mouse model June 2023