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About Dr Vera-Licona's Research Group

Dr. Vera-Licona is the group leader of the Computational Systems Medicine Research Group at the Center for Quantitative Medicine. The Computational Systems Medicine research group works on a variety of problems within the fields of computational systems medicine, computational systems biology, mathematical biology and bioinformatics. The core of the research is on the design and software development of mathematical algorithms for the modeling, simulation and control of biological networks such as gene regulatory networks, intra-cellular signaling networks and functional brain networks. While the mathematical and computational tools employed are varied, many of the approaches developed have a flavor of fields such as discrete mathematics (graph theory and combinatorics), algebra, computational algebra as well as machine learning and network science.

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Research Areas of Interest:

Mathematical and Computational Biology research interests

  • Computational Systems Biology of Cancer
  • Reverse-engineering of biological networks
  • Network science
  • Development and application of algorithms for mathematical modeling and analysis of biological networks
  • Discovery and development of combinations of targeted therapies

Mathematics and computer science research interests

  • Mathematical modeling
  • Combinatorics & Graph theory
  • Machine learning
  • Finite dynamical systems
  • Polynomial dynamical systems
  • Computational algebra